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You will find the latest information about us on this page. Our business is constantly evolving and growing. We provide a wide range of publishing services to New and Aspiring Authors, Songwriters/Singers, Acting and Film production.


While we are a commercial business, Our mission is to provide a means of earning a living for our artists, while making profit contributions to worthwhile charitable causes. And to acheive the best solution that helps everyone in the earthlings community with fun and creativity .

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 As such it is only fitting that he gives his readers "The Chosen Ones" Cash and Prizes in return for their loyal support.

Each of Divad's books contain Puzzels that only a true chosen one can uncover. Read the books and solve the puzzel for your chance to WIN PRIZES and CASH.

Divad Thims is the Pen Name for the Author. Figure out the real name and you have uncovered one of the many puzzels.


Something About us...Just a little...

Find the Hidden Messages in Divad's books to WIN Prizes. Are you the chosen one?

Divad Mozbie Thims

Derry Zombie Walk details will be published during 2017. Another surprise coming from Divad.